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ImageWell 4.0.7

Lightweight and powerful image editor

Looking for an image editor that isn't bloated but is easy to use and powerful? ImageWell may be your answer.ImageWell can resize, crop, rotate your images and even store them remotely. It allows you to annotate your images with built-in shapes...
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  • by Anonymous

    I miss having Imagewell on my computer. . I have used Imagewell for years and now that I've replaced my computer it says I can't download it because it's from a third party developer. Pros: Truly an amazing little app. Cons: There needs to be a way to install it when we get a message it can't be installed because it's from a third party developer

  • by Anonymous

    Not usable . Said it's from a "third party developer". Took long to download as well, got a popup (forgot those things even existed) and then couldn't use due to it being from a third party developer. I never got that notification before nor a popup after installing something. Pros: the cute logo

  • by Anonymous

    Simple and efficient. ImageWell has served me well for basic functions for a couple of years now. With no experience, I was able to figure out how to resize photos for avatars (which usually require a very small photo file size), convert to jpg or png, etc... and create simple borders and caption text. It is not Photoshop by any means, but it is the perfect Mac user's program if you just want some More